Payment Failure
Updated over a week ago

If we attempt to charge your method of payment and receive a payment failure, we will notify you via email. We may take additional action, described below, depending on if the charge was for a renewal or adding Editors to your team.

Plan Renewal

If we attempted the charge as part of plan renewal, we will make up to two additional attempts to charge your payment method—once after 24 hours and again after 48 hours. If the charge is successful, no additional action is needed.

However, if the third attempt still fails, we will downgrade your account to the Basic plan. Don't worry, you can re-upgrade your account as soon as you have an updated payment method.

Team Member Role Upgrades

If we attempted the charge when a new team member accepted an invite to join your team as an editor, the member will still be added to your team, but their role will be set to Viewer instead of Editor.

If we attempted the charge when the role of an existing team member was upgraded from Viewer to Editor, we will revert the role back to Viewer.

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