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Sharing Your Work
Sharing Your Work
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Play allows you to share your projects with teammates, stakeholders, and users using share links.

Creating a Share Link

Once you’ve shared, your shared link is live! If you make any changes to your project, they will be automatically updated for everyone with access.

To share a “snapshot” of your project while continuing to make edits, duplicate your project and create a shared link from there. You can then continue to work on your original project without those edits being seen by those with the shared link.


You can share your design on macOS in two ways: the full design file or just the prototype link. These options can be found in a popover when you click the “Share” button in the tool tab bar.

You can also share a particular page by clicking the chain icon on the desired page’s tab, which will automatically copy the link.


On iOS, you can share projects via a project’s more menu in the Lobby or a project’s more menu in the Layers Panel.

From the Lobby:

  1. Tap the ellipses icon below the desired project

  2. Tap Share

From the Layers Panel:

  1. Swipe right to open the Layers Panel

  2. Tap the ellipses icon at the bottom

  3. Tap Share

Opening a Shared Link

When you tap a shared link on your phone, you will automatically see that project in Play Mode. Note that a Play account isn’t required to view a shared link, but you must have Play installed on your phone.

If you tap a shared link from your desktop, you’ll see a QR code. Once you scan this QR code with your iPhone’s camera, Play will open to the shared project in Play Mode.

Sharing a Draft

You can share your drafts with members of the team your drafts are a part of. Those members will only be able to view your drafts. If you would like to work together with members of your team, you'll need to move your draft to the projects list.

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