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View Your Invoices

You can view a list of invoices for subscriptions to Play’s paid plans from our web dashboard. If you are subscribed to our Teams plan, you can reach our dashboard from the Teams plan button in the bottom left corner of our macOS app. If not, you can click this link directly.

On the dashboard, if you have any invoices to see, an additional tab for “Invoices” will be shown next to the “Members” tab. Select this tab to view a list of all invoices. You will retain access to the invoices even if you're no longer subscribed to a plan.

For payments made for the Teams plan, you can hover over an invoice and click to open up an invoice document in a separate tab.

For payments made via In-app purchase for the Individual plan, we show a row with the amount paid, but no additional document is available.

If any invoice amount looks incorrect please contact us directly at [email protected]

Billing Options on Stripe

When entering billing information when starting a new subscription, or adjusting payment details, you will have the option of using either a credit card, or an alternate method, depending on your browser. If using Safari, you will have the option of using Apple Pay. If using Google Chrome, you will have the option of using Google Pay.

Billing Frequency

We offer Monthly and Annual billing cycles.

Switching Billing Frequency

When subscribing to the Teams plan, you’ll choose to be billed either monthly or annually. You are not committed to this billing frequency, and can change it at any point.

You can change it from our web dashboard. To reach our web dashboard you can click on Teams plan button in the bottom left corner of our macOS app, or this link directly. From the dashboard, select “Change Plan” below your subscription details, and then “Manage Plan” next to your renewal date. From here, you can edit you plan’s billing frequency.

Monthly to Annual

When switching to Annual billing, you will be shown an estimate for a total that you will be charged immediately after making the change. Your billing cycle will reset and a new cycle will begin immediately.

Why is the value shown an estimate? Because you’re ending a monthly cycle, there will be a number of days remaining in the cycle that will be lost. We will automatically apply a credit for these days towards the new charge. The amount you are billed will never be higher than the estimate you are shown, but may be slightly lower.

Annual to Monthly

When switching to Monthly billing, the change will not happen immediately. You will be shown a total monthly amount that you will start to pay each month, once the current billing cycle ends. No immediate charge is made.

After you’ve confirmed the switch to monthly billing, but before the annual cycle has ended, you will not be able to change the billing frequency. Any editors added to your plan will be charged a prorated annual rate for the remainder of the annual cycle.

Prorated Billing

Billing for the Teams plan was designed to make adding additional Editors simple. When adding a new Editor, you will be charged a prorated amount, based on the time remaining in your current billing cycle.

If you’re on a monthly billing cycle, and you add a new Editor halfway through the month, you will be immediately charged for the half of the month the remains. For the next billing cycle, you will be charged the full month, alongside all other Editors. This keeps a single billing cycle for all Editors.

Updating Payment Method

You can change your payment method from our web dashboard. To reach our web dashboard you can click on Teams plan button in the bottom left corner of our macOS app, or this link directly. From the dashboard, select “Edit Payment” in the panel showing the estimated amount of your next invoice, and enter your new payment method in the form that appears.

For your security, each time you open this form, it will appear empty, and not show the payment details we already have on file.

Launch Discount

To celebrate the public release of Play’s iOS and macOS applications, we offer a launch discount for the Teams plan of 50% off.

If you take advantage of this offer, and subscribe at the annual rate, the discount will apply to the first up-front payment. Any subsequent charges for Editors you add to your plan may also receive the discount if it has not expired. If it has expired, you will be charged at the full rate.

If you subscribe at the monthly rate, the discount will apply until to each monthly payment until we choose to expire it.

We will notify all subscribers in advance of removal of the discount, and any subsequent change in pricing for our plans.

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