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Managing Member Permissions
Managing Member Permissions
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Play’s teams are shared workspaces for you and your team members. There are three permission levels for team members: Viewer, Editor, and Owner. Editors and Owners can both edit projects, while Viewers can see all project files without being able to edit anything. The Viewer role is great for reviewers, colleagues in different areas of a company, and developers.

Users with the Basic Free plan can have unlimited Editors (with basic functionality); Users on the Individual plan can have only one Editor, and users on the Teams plan can have unlimited paid Editors. All tiers include unlimited Viewers.

Managing Members

You can only manage team members on macOS at this time.

View all members of your team in the Members Tab of the Lobby while in the desired project. Here you’ll see the name, email, and permission for each member.

Add a new Team Member

You can add additional team members by inputting their email into the “Invite to [Team Name]” text field in the top left corner.

Change a Team Member's Permission

Team members can upgrade other team members to the same permission level as themselves but no further (ex. “editors” can upgrade “viewers” to be “editors,” but they can’t upgrade “viewers” to “owner”).

To do so, you'll click on the team member's current role, which will open a drop down with the new role options.

Remove a Team Member

You can remove a team member the same way you change their permissions. This time, after you click on their role, you'll select "Remove" from the options.

Draft Management

When a team member is removed, the user who removed them can choose if their drafts are transferred to the team's owner or deleted. The owner will be notified of this decision. If the removed team member has no drafts, no option will be presented to the remover.

When a team member leaves a team themselves, they also have the option to transfer or delete their drafts for that team.

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