Projects and Drafts
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Each project is an "app" with its own styles, components, and pages. You can add interactions between pages and components in a project. The editing functionality of a draft is identical to that of a project, and the main difference between projects and drafts is their permissions.


Projects can be edited by any Editor on the project's team.

  • On our Free plan, you can only have one project, but you can have unlimited Editors working on that project. You can have as many Viewers as you'd like.

  • On our Individual plan, you can have unlimited projects, but you're the only Editor. Similar to our Free tier, you can have unlimited Viewers.

  • On our Teams plan, you can have unlimited projects and unlimited paid editors. Team plans can also have unlimited Viewers.


Drafts are projects for exploration. By default, drafts are private to the creator. They can be shared with members of the team, but those members can only be Viewers. Team members cannot collaborate on drafts.

Moving a Draft to Your Projects

Drafts can be turned into projects by right-clicking on the draft and selecting "Move to Projects." Once a draft is turned into a project, you can turn it back into a draft by right clicking and moving to drafts.

If you decide to stop using a paid Play plan, your projects over the Free tier limit will be turned into drafts. If you delete your account or leave a team, you can choose to transfer or delete your drafts.

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