Introduction to Teams
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Play’s teams are shared workspaces for you and your team members. Any team member can access all projects in a team, as well as all components, styles, and libraries for those projects.

  1. Team drop down

  2. Members Tab

  3. Member List

  4. Add Member

  5. Change Member Permission and Remove Member

Each Play account has a personal workspace called “My Team.” You can invite others to this team and be invited to other's personal workspacesYou can view a list of all teams you are a part of by clicking your team name dropdown.

If your tier permissions allow, you can create a team by clicking your team name then select “Add Team” at the bottom of the team list. You’ll be prompted to give your team a title. Press “Create” to finish creating your team.

For each team, you’ll see the name, members, and member permissions for that team. If you are NOT the owner of the team, you will also see an option to “Leave Team.” If you are the owner, you will see the option to “Delete Team.”

You can't create or manage teams on iOS at this time, but you can switch between different team you're apart of. Tap on the team name in the top center of the screen, and select the team you'd like to enter from the dropdown list.

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