The Lobby
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When you first open the Play app, you will be in the Lobby. This article is about the Lobby on macOS.

1. Project List

2. Project Tab

3. Add a New Project

4. Sort your Project

5. Drafts Tab

6. Members Tab

7. Notification

All projects in your current team will be displayed in a grid. Clicking on any of the projects will open the project's editor. Right click on the project to see additional actions like rename, duplicate, and delete.

On the left side of the app, you’ll see your team drop-down along with several tabs: Projects, Drafts, Members, and Explore.

Team Dropdown

The team dropdown is where you’ll switch between teams and, if your paid plan allows, add additional teams.

Projects Tab

The Projects tab is where you'll view all of your projects, which are individual "apps" with connected pages.

Drafts Tab

The Drafts tab is where you'll view your drafts, which are private projects in Play.

Members Tab

The Members tab is where you'll manage your team members. You can add, remove, and change other member's permissions.

Explore Section

The Explore Section is full of example projects we've created to help you learn Play. Some projects have a video and/or written tutorial to help walk you through creating the designs and interactions.

The Notification Panel

All notifications from Play or within Play can be found by clicking your avatar in the bottom left corner of the lobby to open the Notifications Panel.

There are two types of notifications: global and team. Global notifications are messages sent from Play to all users, like app updates, terms of service updates, helpful tips, and more.

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