The Learn Section
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Play's Learn Section is a compilation of exciting example projects we’ve created, full of various layouts and interactions. You can enter the Learn section through the Learn tab in the Lobby on macOS.

Featured Projects

You'll find three featured demo projects at the top of the Learn section. These projects include multiple pages and many interactions, so you can see how powerful prototypes in Play can be.

Each of these projects has a button that says "Copy to My Drafts" that, when pressed, will create a duplicate version of the project in your drafts that you can look around and edit.

Links to Get Started

Under the features projects are several links to resources for beginners.

The Learn the Basics card will duplicate our starter project into your drafts. This project walks you through the basics of Play in the app.

The Play 101 card will take you to our course on Circle. You'll learn the basics by watching videos and following along with our Play 101 project.

The Video Tutorials card will take your to our YouTube channel where you'll find short, helpful videos about tons of topics in Play.

Explore Tutorials

Under the links to get started, there are a ton of demo projects, each tackling a specific interaction. Each project in this section has a video tutorial and step-by-step walkthrough, so you can develop a deep understanding of how the interaction works. You'll find the tutorial video is embedded into the demo project and the article is linked beneath it.

When you click on one of the demo projects, a version of it will be copied to your drafts. You can edit the project and follow along with the tutorial there.

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