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Connection Troubleshooting
Connection Troubleshooting
Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, software can sometimes be finicky. We've highlighted some common issues with Play and some potential fixes you can try yourself before reaching out to a member of our team ([email protected]).

Internet Connection Issues

Play will save your work if you lose connection while editing a project, but you'll likely have issues opening a project when you don't have internet connection. To solve this issue, connect to a reliable internet network and try again.


VPNs can block users from being able to sign in. Typically, you'll see a "Something went wrong" alert. We recommend trying to access Play without a VPN.

We've had issues getting users in China past this issue. If you're located in China and with or without a VPN, Play might not be the tool for you at this time.


Firewalls can cause issues, especially with SSO. If you suspect your work computer, work internet, or public internet may have a firewall, we suggest trying Play when you're able to connect to a different internet or use a different device.

This issue may come up when attempting to login or when attempting to do basic features like create a new project.


If you're not receiving emails for password reset or account verification, it's possible you've unsubscribed from our emails in the past. If you suspect this might be your issue, reach out to [email protected], and we'll get your resubscribed.

Unknown Issues

Sometimes it's difficult to diagnose an issue. Here are some steps we recommend to "unstick" yourself, going from the least amount of effort to the most amount of effort.

  1. Open a different page in your project, then navigate back to the previous page

  2. Check that your internet connection is stable

  3. Check that Play is on the most recent version

  4. Close the Project, then reopen it from the Lobby

  5. Close the Play app, then reopen it

  6. Log out of your account, then log back in

  7. Uninstall Play, then reinstall it

If you're still having issues after trying these steps, please reach out and we'll help you with a more in-depth troubleshoot.

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