The Right Click Menu
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Right clicking (CTRL + Click) on an object, the page, or the canvas displays a menu with several actions.

Objects’ Right Click Menu

Copy Link

Clicking “Copy Link” creates a share link for your project, but it targets the selected object specifically. When someone clicks the share link, Play will open the project and center the selected object on the screen. They will still be able to view the rest of the project.

This is great for sharing specific pages or components with teammates.


Copy an object or an object's properties.


Paste an object or an object's properties.

Add to New Stack

Add to New Stack will add the selected object to a V, H, or Z stack. The parent stack will have Auto height and width, unless it is a Z stack which cannot have Auto sizing.

Auto Fill

Text and image elements (and groups that include them) have an “Auto Fill” option. You can choose to fill your image with Unsplash photos or your assets. You can choose to fill your text with a selected placeholder.


Duplicate will duplicate the selected object. If the selected object was in a container, the duplicated object will also be added to the container.

Create Component

Create Component will turn your selected object into a component. You can access the component through the Add Bar or the Project Viewer.

The Page’s Right Click Menu

A page’s right click menu does not give you options to add to a stack, duplicate, or create a component as pages cannot be added to a stack, duplicated or turned into components. All other items are available, plus the option to set the page as the initial page.

The Canvas’s Right Click Menu

The canvas’s right click menu includes the following:

  • Copy the link to the project

  • Open a project from the Lobby

  • View all pages or components for your current project in the Project Viewer

  • Hide or show the app’s UI, all at once or individually

  • View the keyboard shortcuts and release notes documentation

  • Change the UI appearance

  • Read the release notes

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