Text Elements
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From titles to paragraphs, captions and more, text elements are a key part of most UI. Play lets you customize your text while staying within the bounds of technical feasibility. You’re able to edit text in the Element Settings Panel.

In macOS, you can add text to your page, canvas, or selection using the T key.


Use the Text property to type in your copy. You can also add placeholder copy that will pre-populate the text element with a headline, paragraph, name, or other selected placeholder type. The shuffle button in the context menu lets you shuffle through different copy of the same type.


Next, you can select the text element’s font. By default, your text element will use a System Font. You can also use a style; either the native iOS System Styles that we provide for you or your own Type styles that you create yourself. You can select any style by clicking on the four-circle icon in the top right corner of the Text Settings Panel.

Font & Weight

The Font property lets you choose a font for the text element. By default, it's the System Font, but you can use any of Google Fonts or upload your own on a paid plan. The weight property will let you select any weight variation that the selected font allows.

Size & Letter Spacing

The size property lets you adjust the text size of your text element. The letter spacing property lets you choose how much space is between each letter.

Design & Width

If you have a System Font selected, you'll see Design and Width properties. Design lets you choose how the text appears. The options include Default, Monospaces, Rounded, or Serif text.

If Default design is selected, you can also set the width to Standard, Compressed, Condensed, or Expanded.


If you've selected a Type style, the properties in the Text Settings Panel will switch to one property called Style where you can select one of your type styles. If you wish to revert back to the default System Font, you can click the little dot next to this property.

Color Fill

Using the Fill property, you can select the text element’s color. You can add a new color style by tapping the property’s four circle icon in iOS or opening the Styles Panel in macOS.


Text elements have horizontal and vertical alignment. You can align the text to the left, center, right, or justified. You can also vertically align the text to the top, middle, or bottom of the text element.


Choose if you want your text element to be uppercase, lowercase, title case, or how you typed it.

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