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Importing from Figma
Importing From Figma into Play (Beta)
Importing From Figma into Play (Beta)
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We know many of our users currently have their designs and design systems in Figma. One of Play's goals is to provide product teams with a way to import their designs from Figma into Play and start prototyping in the native environment, allowing them to seamlessly incorporate Play into their workflow.

Version 1: Figma Copy Paste

In our first iteration towards this goal, we've built a feature that let's you copy frames, text, images, SVGs, and more from Figma and paste them directly into a project in Play. Those element's properties will copy over to Play as well, from width to color to corner radius.

If applicable, Play will also respect your frame's AutoLayout from Figma. If you did not use AutoLayout in Figma, Play will import your design as a "freeform" Z stack, which is functionally very similar to a Figma frame without AutoLayout.

Coming Soon: Figma Import

Soon, our team will begin working on a full Figma import feature which will include the import of:

  • Full Pages

  • Components

  • Design System Styles

    • Type Styles

    • Color (and Gradient) Styles

If you have any requests for Figma import, please report them on Nolt or send an email to [email protected]

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