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Upgrading from an Individual Plan to a Teams Plan
Upgrading from an Individual Plan to a Teams Plan
Updated over a week ago

Those subscribed to our Individual plan may find that they want to upgrade and receive the benefits of our Teams plan, namely the ability to collaborate with others. This transition is fairly straightforward, but requires some action on your part.

You can subscribe to the Teams plan from our web dashboard. To reach our web dashboard you can click this link directly. From the dashboard, select “Change Plan” below your subscription details, and then “Upgrade“.

After the upgrade is complete, you’ll be notified that you need to manually cancel your existing Individual subscription. This is necessary because the Individual plan is managed through In-App Purchase (IAP). Play as a company has no control over the IAP subscription. We have no ability to cancel the plan or issue refunds.

To cancel the plan, you should then click the link to “Manage on App Store”. This will direct you to the App Store’s subscription management page. From here you should see your Individual subscription to Play, and be able to cancel directly. You can find that link here as well.

Before your Individual subscription has been cancelled, we will acknowledge both plans within our apps and encourage you to cancel the Individual plan. However, once your Individual subscription has been cancelled, it will remain active, but it will not renew, and we will no longer show both plans, only the Teams plan.

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