Image Elements
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Image elements are for adding photographs, patterns, or other images to your design. Play lets you edit the image element using properties like corner radius and content mode.

In macOS, you can add an image to your page, canvas, or selection using the I key.


Use the Image property to define which image is displayed. You can upload an image from your device or search from Unsplash’s stock photo library in the popover.

Want a shortcut? You can jump right to the Image property by double-clicking/tapping on an image element on your page.

Content Mode

The Content Mode property defines how the image is positioned within the element. There are three different settings for content mode: aspect fill, aspect fit, and fill.

  • When set to aspect fill, the image will scale up to fill the element’s bounds. This setting will preserve the image’s aspect ratio, but in turn, may cause the image to appear cropped.

  • When set to aspect fit, the image will scale down to fit the element’s bounds. This setting will also preserve the image’s aspect ratio, but it will leave some of the element’s area unfilled by the image.

  • When set to fill, the image will stretch to fill the element’s bounds on both axes, changing the aspect ratio of the image if necessary.


The Tint property lets you color block the image and adjust its color. You can adjust the color of PNG logos, symbols, and images with transparent backgrounds.

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