Scroll Actions
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A scroll action is a response to a trigger that affects the scrolled position of a stack or page.

Set Scroll

A Set Scroll action scrolls a stack or page.

  • Target: Select the object that this action will affect

  • Type: Choose the way you'll set a stack's scroll position; options are Scroll To, Scroll By, Scrolling, and Scroll To Object (choosing Scrolling lets you turn a stack's Scrolling property on or off)

  • Scroll Direction: Choose whether your stack should scroll vertically or horizontally

  • Delay: Set the number of seconds between the trigger firing and the action beginning (Ex. action will occur X seconds after the trigger fires)

  • Duration: Set the number of seconds the action will take to complete (Ex. action will occur over the course of X seconds)

  • Easing: Choose the action's easing curve; options are Default, Linear, Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In & Out, or Spring

Scroll To

  • Unit: Choose between points or percentages

  • Start & End Scroll: Set the scroll positions for the object to start and finish (Ex. the stack scrolls from point A to point B)

Scroll By

  • Unit: Choose between points or percentages

  • Scroll: Set the positive or negative distance the stack should scroll (Ex. the stack scrolls 10%)


  • Scrolling: Change the stack's Scrolling property to on or off

Scroll To Object

  • Index: Set the index of the object within the stack that will be scrolled to

  • Alignment: Choose the alignment of the object that is scrolled to; options include Start, Center, and End

  • Start Scroll: Choose the scroll's start position

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