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Creating Interactions on macOS
Creating Interactions on macOS
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In Play for macOS, you’ll enter Interaction Mode to add interactions to your objects.

Adding an Interaction

  1. Select an object.

  2. Enter Interaction Mode using the segmented control in the top left or tapping the “2” key on your keyboard.

  3. Click the purple + button on the object to bring up a list of available triggers.

  4. Select a trigger from the list. Triggers recommended for your selected object are at the top.

  5. If applicable, adjust the trigger’s settings. (You can minimize/maximize the panel using the double arrow icon. The trigger settings will be different for each trigger because each trigger needs different information to know when to fire.)

  6. Click the purple + button on the trigger to bring up a list of available actions.

  7. Select an action from the list.

  8. Configure the action’s settings.

  9. Test your interaction in Play Mode on your phone by performing the trigger on the selected object.

Managing an Interaction

Each interaction has its own More Menu. Here you can duplicate and reorder your interactions, as well as copy and paste actions from one interaction to another. You can disable an interaction so that it will not fire until you enable it again, or delete an unwanted interaction.

Copying and Pasting an Action vs. an Interaction

Copying an action will copy the selected action with all its properties. Copying an interaction will copy the trigger and its settings as well as any actions on the trigger.

Because some actions are not compatible with some triggers, sometimes “Paste Action” will be disabled.

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